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If you want to set a particular theme, you can apply wallpaper. For example, you can enjoy wallpaper depicting the image of vineyard, village, or even café styled house if you want to carry an Italian or even French country bedroom. The floral wallpaper in grey and white accent is nice to define the shabby chic and Parisian bedroom decorating ideas.

A house is not only consisted of walling and flooring, but also the roof. Applying specific types of roofing for the specific theme of the house will be a wise decision. In the previous articles we already discussing the type of materials for the roofing, in this article we will be focus on the major design of roofing models.

In applying a ceiling, you might attach different model for each theme of your specific rooms. Their shape might create a different atmosphere for your house, a ceiling for living room will be different with the ceiling of your bedroom, dining room, living room, and even from basement ceiling; each of them perform different characteristics.What you need to concern about creating a gorgeous ceiling is their height, a good ceiling is something which is high enough to support healthy air articulation; don’t let them too short because it will be uncomfortable.

The Interior flooring design is one of the most important interior foundation elements that can also give a positive impact to the ambience creation in the interior. Nowadays, we can see that the flooring options have dramatically increased. There are many flooring options, from the cheapest one to the most expensive one, from the natural flooring to the highly artificial flooring. For those of you who intend to remodel your home interior through the flooring element, there are three interior flooring design choices which can be your references to help you choose the inexpensive yet elegant flooring option for your home.

For a small house we tend to choose a minimalist curtains ideas rather than having a luxury or a detailed design one; since some of them might only make your room darker which will be less preferable. Usually people who have a small flat to be lived on tend to choose a thin type of curtain design, they can easily absorb the radiance; besides having a thin curtains for a large window may also create a breezy look for your house.

A kitchen backsplash is not only decorative but it can also protect the wall for the dirt and stain. The wall located behind the stove and sink will be easy to clean if you seal it by using backsplash. Many people love to have nice backsplash since it can increase the style in the room. There are many types of material that you can choose. You can pick wine, vineyard and kitchen utensils images for the tile to adorn the wall. If you want to make the kitchen warm and fabulous, you can pick the French backsplash.

To support the balance look, you might prefer plain colors for the furniture’s; white is considered to be the most recommended one, because it can be matched with any type of pop colors that you want to apply for your interior decorations. Crafted furniture can also be one of your choices, especially for the small cupboards and chairs.

Some of us might think that this type of modern design will only lead to an emptiness, since we are managing the room by reducing the used of furniture’s. But basically, when you feel that the room will be too empty, then you are possible adding the wall ornaments especially the large mirror or private black and white photograph which can be treated as the focus of the room. Besides you can also play with the color of your walling and the furniture’s to create a contrast change.

In a office, this area is the most productive room in your home, as long as you have an efficient furniture arrangement. The small offices interior design is more difficult to arrange than spacious studies. But the small space can be just as attractive and more functional with the proper element.

The green house environment is functional for the people who want to cultivate any types of veggies, fruits and flowers throughout the season. Even though it is a bit difficult to do, you can try if you want to. If you just want simple decoration in the modern garden design, you can plant same bushes and shrubs. Then you can focus on the flagstone and natural stone material to adorn the pathway. The artistic elements in the contemporary garden are well reflected through the birdbath, pond, bridge, and waterfall. You can have simple decking area with some furniture pieces to enjoy the sunny day.

Since in a small home interior design we tend to reduce the use of furniture’s, we might play with the painting color for the house. Paintings are needed to be your most consideration because they might create a drastic change to your room, besides not all of the painting colors are suitable for a small house.MBrighter color are the most suitable painting for a small house interior design, they make your room brighter and bigger. Sometimes you can manage having a darker color to be match with the main color just to strengthen the line of your house darker color can also be applied for the furniture to create a contrast look.

The swimming pool will be nice with selection of tiles. You can have it in blue or even green color. Most people love to enjoy aquatic feel by having a mural on the base on their swimming pool. Mosaic tiles in the image of fish, mermaid, underwater world, and aquatic animal can be a nice decoration on the swimming pool. It enables you to get closer with sea. You can also infuse the area with modern equipments such as a children pool, board, Jacuzzi, temperature control and warm pool. The breathtaking concept of swimming pool is also represented through the landscaping style. You can have the modern swimming pool design ideas made in sloping design.

Your kitchen looks nice and bright with backsplash ideas. The home owner who gets stuck with budget can pick the inexpensive tile ideas. You can bring wonderful look on the backsplash by removing the old tiles with new ones.

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